Rachel O'Riordan Artistic Director
Sian Alexander Executive Director
Hannah Crawford PA to the Directors


Kate Marlais Cameron Mackintosh Resident Composer
Stuart Burt Artistic Associate
Jude Christian Artistic Associate
Paule Constable Artistic Associate
Joel Horwood Artistic Associate
Ola Ince Artistic Associate
Ferdy Roberts Artistic Associate
Tal Rosner Artistic Associate
Simon Stephens Artistic Associate
Diane Page Resident Assistant Director (MFA in Theatre Directing at Birkbeck College)


Iain Goosey Senior Producer
Zoe Simpson Interim Producer
Fiona Sowole Assistant Producer

Young People

Nicholai La Barrie Director of Young People
Segun Olaiya Producer (Targeted Work)
Lara Taylor Producer (Emerging Talent)
Marilyn Rice Producer (Education)
Charlie Farrant Youth Worker (Support & Development)
Alisha Artry Young Lyric Assistant

Communications and Sales

Amy Belson Director of Communications and Sales
Dion Wilson Head of Marketing
Polly Cotran Marketing Officer
Nadia Mantock Marketing Trainee
Jo Allan PR PR Agency
Hatti Simpson Box Office Manager
Mariko Primarolo Deputy Box Office Manager
Alexandra Beaton Box Office Assistant
Eibe Brown Box Office Assistant
Sophie-Anna Brown Box Office Assistant
Nicky Chue Box Office Assistant
Emma Gilbey Box Office Assistant
James Gladdon Box Office Assistant
Lulu Iddi Box Office Assistant
Charlotte Kiely Box Office Assistant
Juned Miah Box Office Assistant
Farshid Rokey Box Office Assistant
Chelsea Rolfe Box Office Assistant
Sam Sheldon Box Office Assistant
Ruth Sherry Box Office Assistant


Matthew Bowman Commercial Director
Lorna O’Connell Head of Events and Visitor Services
Symone Weekes Events and Hires Assistant
Matthew Dillon Visitor Services Manager
Stephanie Dawes Senior Duty Manager
Rob Hayes Duty Manager
Coral Tarran Duty Manager
Jean-Baptiste Maizeroi Security Supervisor
Paul Backhurst Head of Bars and Catering
Anjana Jayasena Assistant Bars and Catering Manager
Chris Hibbert Head Chef
Joseph Figueras Chef de Partie


Lucy Howe Director of Development
Isabelle Taylor Development Manager (Trusts and Foundations)
Anuja Batra Development Officer

Finance, Administration and Operations

Louise Zandstra Director of Finance & Resources
Chrissy Angus Head of Administration
Louisa Roberts HR and Administration Officer
Lesley Williams Head of Finance
Kunle Sanni Finance Officer
Nilesh Sudra Finance Assistant
Simon Davis Head of Building Operations
Elliott Henry Administration Assistant


Seamus Benson Head of Production
Claire Bryan Company Stage Manager
Ellen McQuaid Head of Costume
Shaun Parry Head of Lighting
Lorna Munden Head of Sound and Video
Elizabeth Dickson Head of Stage
Dan Fisher Stage Deputy
Jet Sharp Sound Deputy
Nicola M Lighting Deputy
George Ogilvie Studio and Events Technical Manager

Visitor Services Assistants

Aasiya Shah Visitor Services Assistant
Amy Cartwright Visitor Services Assistant
Amy Gough Visitor Services Assistant
Angel Issaac Visitor Services Assistant
Basheba Baptiste Visitor Services Assistant
Cash Holland Visitor Services Assistant
Chris Coleman Visitor Services Assistant
Dan Akilimali Visitor Services Assistant
Emily Sadler Visitor Services Assistant
Emma Gilbey Visitor Services Assistant
Emma Price Visitor Services Assistant
Erica Kouassi Visitor Service Assistant
Francesca Skidmore Visitor Service Assistant
Grace Frogley Visitor Service Assistant
Holly Kiely Visitor Service Assistant
Isabella Shaw Visitor Service Assistant
Violet Vincent Visitor Service Assistant
Rian Salfari Visitor Service Assistant
Robert Eadon Visitor Service Assistant
Millie Wilkie Visitor Service Assistant
Owen Taylor Visitor Service Assistant
Kai Walton Visitor Service Assistant
James Morton Visitor Service Assistant
Jo Rackham Visitor Service Assistant
James Gladdon Visitor Service Assistant
Scarlett Billham Visitor Services Assistant
Sophie Capasso Visitor Services Assistant
Lawrence Crane Visitor Services Assistant
Stephen Driscoll Visitor Services Assistant
Tom Fotheringham Visitor Services Assistant
Florence Wright Visitor Services Assistant
Nadine Gray Visitor Services Assistant
Luke Kebell Visitor Services Assistant
Emily Sadler Visitor Services Assistant
Nathaniel Wade Visitor Services Assistant
Parishma Patani Visitor Service Assistant
The Lyric is a registered charity with a voluntary board of directors.


Lisa Burger Chair
Ashley Herman
Kamran Mallick
Sade Brown
Liz Elston Mayhew
David Sharkey
Julie Molloy
Cllr. Sue Fennimore
Cllr Bora Kwon
Cllr Patricia Quigley
Cllr Jonathan Caleb-Landy

Development Committee

Carrie Armstrong
Nia Chou
Cathy Comerford
Amanda Curry
Caroline Elliot
Janet Ellis MBE
Jane Fletcher
Misty Gale
Allison Gaynor
Juliet Herd
Sali Lewis
Liz Elston Mayhew Chair
Kate McGrath
Emma O'Kane
Liz Rigden
Mary Strang

Corporate Advisory Board

Louise Angel
Chris Curry
Robert Fletcher
Georgina Lewis
Mary Strang