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We’re running a new staff and audience campaign called #FoodforThought where we take a closer look at the environmental impact of food.

We want to consider the full food cycle – what we eat, how we grow it, what it comes in and how we get rid of it.

Over the course of 4 weeks we will be hosting a range of activities for our staff and audiences to learn more about our food choices and make changes to our habits, both as individuals and as an organisation.

Week 1: What’s your veg pledge?

The Bar & Grill will have a vegetarian and vegan specials menu for the month, promoting different choices to our staff and audiences.

Lyric staff will be encouraged to make their pledge to veg and increase the amount of vegan and vegetarian food they choose across the month, and we’ll kick off the campaign with a vegan brunch.

Week 2: Grow your own!

We will visit a local allotment and hear about how you can grow your own veg, as well as planning how we can grow our own Lyric veg in the summer.

We will encourage our staff and audiences to plant wildflower seeds in their gardens, as well as on our sedum roof, to ensure plants continue to reproduce fruit and vegetable crops and promote biodiversity.

Week 3: What the box?!

We will be taking away any single-use packaging from the bar snacks we sell at the Lyric Bar & Grill, finding alternative ways to serve to our audiences.

We will find innovative ways to engage people who visit the food market on Lyric Square in an attempt to reduce single-use packaging.

Week 4: What’s left… over?

We will end our campaign focusing on food waste, and how we can best avoid this at the Lyric. We will end with a Lyric Left Over Lunch for our staff and we will also be collecting food for our local food bank.

Throughout the campaign, we will be sharing lots of information about how it’s going, what we’re learning and mistakes we’ve made so anyone can join in the conversation.

Please send us your thoughts, suggestions or support @LyricHammer #LoveGreen #FoodForThought