Lyric life

Guilty. Not Guilty. What’s already been decided…

Our current show Terror by Ferdinand von Schirach opened in Berlin in 2015 and has since been seen around the world. This production is the UK premiere translated by David Tushingham.

Terror is a thrilling courtroom drama that asks the audience to decide the verdict.

A hijacked plane is heading towards a packed football stadium. Ignoring orders to the contrary a fighter pilot shoots down the plane killing the 164 passengers on board.

Charged with murder, it is left to the audience to decide; is the pilot guilty or not guilty?

As we post this 330,861 audience members world-wide have already decided and 61% say Not Guilty with

201,705 Not guilty
129,156 Guilty

For more statistics and to see how specific venues and countries have voted check out the Terror website here.