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Lyric Hammersmith We are currently closed to the public Support the Lyric Recovery Fund

We are currently closed with all public performances to the end of August cancelled or postponed, in line with government guidelines surrounding COVID-19. We are contacting all those affected. Please consider donating to our Lyric Recovery Fund, to help keep us in the heart of Hammersmith for another 125 years.

Lyric life

Meet our Artistic Associates

Stuart Burt

‘I’m honoured to continue my association with the Lyric Hammersmith Theatre under the tenure of Rachel. It’s a building who’s extraordinary work not only makes a huge cultural impact to its local community, but continues to create theatre of international significance.’

Phillip McMahon

“I’d chalk my recent collaboration with Rachel O’Riordan down as a career highlight. Her vision, insight, attention to detail and sense of play meant so much to me as a writer; she has theatre in her bones and she cares more than anyone I’ve ever worked with. This all makes for a brilliantly charged rehearsal room. The work we did together is something I hold very dear. I’m incredibly excited to see what Rachel has in store for audiences at the Lyric Hammersmith Theatre and I’m proud to support her as an associate in her opening season. I can already feel the electricity in the air.”

Simon Stephens

“The Lyric Hammersmith has been a theatre that has inspired and galvanised me as much as any other in the past twenty years. It is a place of extraordinary local energy and genuine international reach. I am thrilled that my association with the theatre will continue with Rachel. She is a director whose productions I have been in awe of. I can’t wait to get started.”

Nina Steiger
“My relationship and friendship with Rachel dates back to my earliest days at Soho and I have been excited by her work in Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales over the years. As a director, leader, producer and friend to artists, she is a force of nature and I am delighted to be supporting her work at the Lyric.”

Tinuke Craig
“I’m so thrilled to be joining the Lyric team as an associate. It’s wonderful to be a part of this exciting, community-minded, creatively driven building, and I feel very lucky to be able to help shape its next chapter.”