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Evolution 2019: Maybe’s She’s Born With It

12 - 13 Mar 2019

The future of theatre needs you.

We’ve invited eight different artists and companies to share performances in the early stages of development.

All performances will last 10 minutes or less, and audiences will be invited to offer their ideas and thoughts to help shape the future development of the work.

Come along, share your feedback, and be able to say you were there when these shows began!

Multibuy offer: book for 3 or more Evolution events and get 15% off your order.

12 March 

Super Cute by Martha Watson Allpress
Banana Suit by Eve Cowley
Jollof Court by Gail Egbeson
Burnout by Daniella Harrison
Matter by Dominique Parry Parker
In Sickness and In Health by Morgan Noll
At the Pace of a Glacier by Riwa Saab
This Woman’s Voice by Hannah Froggett and Evie Jones

Boiling Point by Stacey Ampiah-Roberts and Peace Oseyenum
Shape Ups on a Feminine Head by Simone Ziel

13 March 

Embodied Archives by Jessica Manu
I Grew Up in a Purple Kitchen by Mariella Johnson
Caught Is All by Alice Hoskyns
Trouble by Elizabeth Annis
Yellow Attracts Flies by Lanaire Aderemi
HABIBI by Mia Georgis
In Conversation With My Brain by Isabella Vaughan