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Outsider Tart @ the Lyric presents

Outsider Tart: The Curry Mama Adult Cookery Classes

05 Mar - 16 Apr 2022
Running time
180 minutes
Outsider Tart @ the Lyric

Learn to cook a range of dishes in these fun and hands-on workshops with the Curry Mama.

Outsider Tart @ the Lyric hosts a series of cooking classes this spring focused on Asian and North African dishes.

From recreating your favourite takeaways to exploring new cuisines, Arti will guide you through the steps to mastering new dishes to add to your cooking repertoire.

All classes run from 10.30am – 1.30pm and cost £65 per person. Explore the classes below.

Sat 02 Apr: Indian Street Food

The most popular street food of Mumbai is the delectable vada pav (crispy potato) burger. Equally well known is the chicken tikka and this chicken tikka is of the green variety. Arti will teach you how to delight and entice your dinner party guests with these favourites.

Sat 09 Apr: Middle East & North African Food

Arti takes you on a journey from Lebanon to Morocco with her take on a mouthwatering crispy fattoush salad and an aromatic Moroccan lamb tagine. Served with fragrant rice.

Sat 16 Apr: Introduction to Indonesian Food

The often unexplored cuisine of Indonesia is coming to your doorstep in an exciting way. Arti will teach you how to make easy lamb martabak (Indonesia’s answer to a pasty) and crispy ifu mie (fried noodles) topped with prawns and stir fried vegetables.