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Lyric Hammersmith Theatre presents

Out West Online Streaming

Three new plays by Tanika Gupta, Simon Stephens and Roy Williams. Co-Directed by Rachel O’Riordan & Diane Page.
12 - 17 Jul 2021
£15 ‐ £28
Running time
2 hrs 15 mins

The world premiere of three new short plays written by three of the UK’s leading playwrights. 

All rooted in West London, the plays explore race, identity and our sense of place and purpose, presented together as a triple bill.

The Overseas Student
Written by Tanika Gupta
Starring Esh Alladi

London. 1888.

An 18-year old Gandhi has just arrived from India to study Law. Miles from home, his wife and his family, we see him navigate a time of uncertainty, growth and opportunity. As he builds a new life, he explores the joys of money, food and women whilst facing the struggles of class and imperialism.

Gupta’s sharp and profound play is an insight into the teenage years of a man we know will grow up to be one of the most significant figures in history.


Blue Water and Cold and Fresh
Written by Simon Stephens
Collaborator for Blue Water and Cold and Fresh: Emmanuella Cole
Starring Tom Mothersdale

London. 2020.

In the wake of city lockdown living and Black Lives Matter protests, one man’s journey across London raises difficult truths. His childhood memories. His father’s drinking. The woman he married. The birth of his son. His own white privilege. This heartfelt piece explores what it means to be a father, husband and son.


Go, Girl
Written by Roy Williams
Starring Ayesha Antoine

London. 2020.

Working as a security guard at Westfield and a mother to a teenage daughter, Donna sees her life as unremarkable. Why have things not turned out how she pictured when she was a young girl, inspired by the words of Michelle Obama? The hope and excitement she once felt has now become isolation and judgement of the choices she has made.

Until one night Donna gets a call from her daughter that makes her rethink her entire life. As their bravery and humanity is tested, Donna realises just how remarkable they both truly are.

A celebration of Black women, everyday heroism and female resilience.


Further Info

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Tickets are limited to ensure every viewer receives a high-quality stream.
Supported by Garfield Weston Foundation.
Images by Helen Maybanks.

Out West Online Streaming

12 - 17 Jul 2021