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Black Books Matter UK present

The Sun Shines for Everyone

An original play with book and lyrics by Mia Jerome. With music by Lisa Wright.
13 May 2023
Running time
60 minutes
4 - 11

On planet Zame, home to the Zamzies race, everyone's the same.

Everyone looks the same, feels the same, and does the same. However, once a year the sun shines on one Zamzie, and they get to do whatever they like. When the sun shines on M.A.T, (Migrant Alien Traveller/A puppet) they decide to jump in their spaceship and explore the cosmos, but they crash land on earth. Here they meet Buddy, a young boy who is in trouble at school for name calling. M.A.T is filled with joy (the only emotion they know), to meet someone who looks so different, but Buddy is initially scared. Eventually, they become friends and Buddy agrees to home M.A.T until they can fix the spaceship and go back to Zame, but whilst they’re here, Buddy teaches M.A.T all about life on earth, and M.A.T has a few lessons to teach Buddy too.

Through the positive emotion of joy, The Sun Shines For Everyone uses puppetry and song to encourage children to have pride in their own heritage, as well as celebrate differences.