Next Generation

Next Generation is our programme to support young artists entering the theatre industry.

We are committed to providing opportunities and training which will help to develop skills, talent and knowledge of the industry.

We recognise that the creative industries can sometimes seem closed. It is our aim to make our industry accessible to young artists from all backgrounds.

We aim to pay young artists and provide employment and training opportunities to aid their developments.

Opportunities to get involved include:


The Lyric Alumni are our members who have participated in Lyric programmes and are now training in skills of facilitation, youth support and theatre.

The Lyric Alumni are paid to support classes, perform outreach and represent the Lyric at talks and events. The Lyric Alumni are ambassadors for the work the Lyric does to develop young people and artists.  We recruit for Alumni once a year and announce the opportunity to all Lyric members.


Insights into the industry, expanding your knowledge of plays and texts, support with skills and technique.

Our Masterclasses run all year round in different areas, often in response to our members’ requests. Got something you want to develop or know about? Let us know.