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The Bill Cashmore Award

The Lyric Hammersmith Theatre are delighted to be the recipient organisation of the newly established Bill Cashmore Award which supports a young artist to develop their scratch idea into a show to headline the Lyric’s annual Evolution Festival.

The Award has been set up by friends and family of the late Bill Cashmore in his memory – a local actor, director, playwright and the founder of a successful communication training business.

Sasha Bates, founder of the Bill Cashmore Award, said:

As soon as I met the team at the Lyric Hammersmith Theatre I knew I’d found the perfect partners with whom to celebrate Bill’s legacy. Not only because Bill loved this theatre, which he did, but because the Lyric’s ethos so matches his own. Bill believed in offering young people with creativity and potential the opportunity to find their voice and learn to express it through the medium of theatre. Like Bill, the Lyric team knows that talent best prospers, not via an atmosphere of competition and conflict, but when feeling supported, encouraged and praised. The Lyric offers a rigorous education in all aspects of theatre production from within a climate of compassion and care, and I am delighted to be working with them to find, train, support, and develop the career of the first winner of the Bill Cashmore Award.

The first year of the Award in 2019 was given to Eve and Elin to develop their show titled Screwdriver. The Award gave Eve and Elin a year’s worth of space and resources to develop Screwdriver into a fully-fledged production that was performed in the Lyric’s Studio Theatre headlining the Evolution Festival in March 2020.

The 2020/2021 winner of the Bill Cashmore Award is Alfiah Brown and her show titled Pick’n’Mix .

Alfiah Brown said:

The inspiration behind my show, Pick’n’Mix is derived from my personal truths and lived  experience as a mixed- raced woman. The plays often surrounding and written around the mixed raced identity places a heavy focus on the mixed-raced identity as “confused” or “out of place”. As mixed- raced woman myself who grew up equally with the culture of my black and white family, I was inspired to write the play Pick’n’Mix  to push the opposite agenda of typical mixed- raced storyline and instead analyse the co- existence and performance that  black and white create towards the environmental and social relationship that attribute to the experience and dynamic of the mixed-raced identity.

Pick’n’Mix delves and explores into deep themes through the eyes of a young mixed-raced woman. Through her eyes, the play gives insight to a ray of topical issues often endured via the mixed- raced identity in an uncommon multidimensional spoken perspective using poetry and abstract style of direction. Pick’n’Mix flows through cultural and racial code switching an eternal and external dialogue of identity processing, creating a space where both an black and white audience are taken aboard on a journey to understand and process the story of a young mixed- raced females upbringing and day to day environment in modern day society.

For more information on Bill and his legacy click here.

Developed in Partnership with Wimbledon College of Arts.