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Commitment to change

Commitment to Change

There is no place for racism within the Lyric.

In 2020, we started ‘Our Commitment to Change’ a body of work with the aim of changing the Lyric for the better and becoming an actively anti-racist organisation. This work incorporated feedback and guidance from race equity consultants, audiences, and artists, current and former staff, creating our 18-month Action Plan for Change. We completed this plan in spring 2022 and you can download it here.

We know that ’Our Commitment to Change’ work will never end or conclude whilst there is still racism in society, and we acknowledge that we play a direct role in making and initiating change within the theatre industry.

We operate under an anti-racist ethos – being not racist is not enough and as such we are committed to a continual process of direct actions against racism. One of our core organisational values is – ‘every day we learn and grow’ – we want to listen, and learn, and to do this we will continue to invest time and resources for training, we will improve upon our advocacy for our stakeholders, and build their trust by being consistent in our allyship.

We have worked internally, with external consultants and our Board to create the Lyric’s Anti-Racism Strategy 2023 – 2026. You can download this here.

We will provide quarterly updates on our Anti-Racism Action Plan on this page.