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The Lyric is a charity. We rely on the support of Individuals, Trusts and Companies who are at the heart of the Lyric. Without them, it is impossible for us to deliver our ground-breaking work onstage and offstage.

Help support the Lyric Hammersmith Theatre’s mission to produce world-class theatre from the heart of Hammersmith and nurturing the creativity of young people.

If you would like to support the Lyric through our period of closure please consider donating to our Lyric Recovery Fund. 

You can support the Lyric with donations starting from £10 per month, and get closer to our work onstage.

Lyric Recovery Fund

Lyric Recovery Fund

We've been at the heart of the theatre industry and our community for 125 years. We are now dealing with the impact of Coronavirus.

If you are able to support us during this time please consider donating to our Recovery Fund.

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