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Dragon’s Heart & Dragon’s Soul and Jolt Dance present

Cusanau Du & T4 / Takiwātanga & Sam

Mon 27 Jun, 2pm

The Welsh dance company Dragon’s Heart & Dragon’s Soul and New Zealand dance company Jolt Dance will each present two pieces.

The Welsh dance company Dragon’s Heart & Dragon’s Soul will present:

Cusanau Du (Black Kisses)
The dance tells the stories of the Welsh coal mining communities during the 1984 year long strike accompanied by beautiful music in the ancient language and pop songs of the mid-80s.

At Tiergartenstrasse 4 in Berlin in the mid-1930s the government began planning their final solution by organising the euthanasia of people with disabilities. T4 displays the humanity of the people considered imperfect by the Third Reich regime; their hopes, their dreams, their loves, their joys.


These events will be followed by a 30-minute interval.


The New Zealand dance company Jolt Dance will present:

Takiwātanga is an autobiographical work created with Jolt dancer Carl Huia. The work explores Carl’s view of the world. A view that is shaped by his Maori heritage his own personal experiences and individual spirit and his lived experience of Autism. Created by Keri Opa, the word Takiwatanga is used to describe Autism and means ‘his or her own time and space”.

The film “They call me Sam” looks at the journey of Sam and his parents Tom and Carol, from their experience of having a child with Down Syndrome to their life now. The work raises questions about how we view difference and disability and ultimately is a celebration of what connects rather than separates us.

Ticket Info

Tickets £10 or just £5 when purchased in the same transaction as tickets for Amici’s One World: Wealth of the Common People.