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2024 Season
Lyric Hammersmith Theatre presents

Faith Healer

Written by Brian Friel. Directed by Rachel O'Riordan.
14 Mar - 13 Apr 2024
£10 - £44
Running time
120 minutes
Main House

Artistic Director, Rachel O’Riordan (Iphigenia in Splott, A Doll’s House) directs Brian Friel’s “masterpiece” (The Guardian). 

Trawling through the remote and lonely villages of Ireland, Wales and Scotland is, The Fantastic Frank Hardy, who for one night only promises miracle cures for the sick and the suffering. He might just be more showman than shaman but… the promise of the impossible is irresistible.

But it’s Frank’s shapeshifting gift and proclamations that bring him into conflict with his wife Grace and manager Teddy. As they each recount their lives together, they unveil a well of fractured memories.

Brian Friel’s play Faith Healer has spellbinding allure, and powerful stage mystery; it has thrilled audiences across the world since it first opened on Broadway in 1979. 


Faith Healer

14 Mar - 13 Apr 2024