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Groove Baby presents

Groove Onto the Moon

29 Oct - 02 Nov 2024
Running time
60 minutes
3 - 7

Strap in and prepare to blast off on a cosmic adventure like no other as you venture into the thrilling music experience of Groove Onto the Moon!

In this fun sci-fi adventure, children aged 3 to 7 and their adventurous grown-ups will be transported into space, encountering alien creatures, embarking on daring missions, and facing challenges that will put their bravery to the test.

Follow three intrepid astronaut friends on a mission to discover the first lunar footprint left by Neil Armstrong, proving to their grown-ups that they’re ready for big-kid adventures!

Amidst mesmerising animation and interactive theatre, our young explorers will navigate a galaxy filled with wonder and excitement. Guided by the pulsating rhythms of hard-grooving funk, jazz, and rock music performed by the outstanding Groove Baby Organ Trio, they’ll embark on a journey of friendship, teamwork and adventure.

Specially crafted as a midpoint between kid shows and ‘regular’ adult concerts, this show offers something for all astronauts, aliens and space pirates.

Groove Onto the Moon

29 Oct - 02 Nov 2024