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Long Nose Puppets presents

Hulla Balloony Moon Time

Based on the book Pat-a-Cake Baby by Joyce and Polly Dunbar.
24 Sep 2022
Running time
60 minutes
2 - 7

Are you ready? Grab a spoon! Because it's Pat-a-cake time!

Pitter-patter – get the butter! Glitzy-glossy – whisk in sugar! Jokey-yolky – add the eggs!

Long Nose Puppets offer up a marvellous moonlit show full of riotous rhyme, zany puppets and spiffy special cake; all iced with music and songs by Tom Gray. Little children will feel stuffed to the brim with magic.

Hulla Balloony Moon Time is based on the book Pat-a-Cake Baby, written by Joyce Dunbar and illustrated by Polly Dunbar.

Winner of the Mal Peet Children’s Award at the East Anglian Book Awards.

Hulla Balloony Moon Time

24 Sep 2022