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Little Angel Theatre presents

There’s a Rang-Tan in My Bedroom

Supported by Mother, Greenpeace and Meat Free Mondays
12 Nov 2022

Imagine waking up to find a turtle bathing in your bathtub, an orangutan bouncing on your bed and a jaguar creeping through your kitchen!

But how did they all get here? And why on earth are they all so far from home?

Join Little Angel Theatre for a magical mix of puppetry and music as we discover more about our animal friends and what we can do to help – because no one is too small to make a difference.

Inspired by the Greenpeace campaign films There’s a Rang-Tan in My Bedroom and There’s a Monster in My Kitchen written by James Sellick, and featuring voiceovers by Emma Thompson, Doc Brown & Rag’n’Bone Man.

Image credit: Salon Alpin / Passion Pictures