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Rhubarb Theatre presents

Dustbin Doris

15 Jan 2022
Running time
60 minutes

A dustbin, a homeless lady and an extraordinary tale of courage

In a makeshift cardboard home-made home
Lives a kind old lady with a heart of gold.
Rescuing creatures great and small,
Dustbin Doris will amaze us all.

It’s bin collection day and our two heroic waste collectors Max and Ola are racing to make up lost time. But what’s this? A dustbin that refuses to release its contents! What could be attached? It’s Doris, the dotty old lady who lives in the park. A struggle ensues as she clings onto her possessions. But every bin has a silver liner. So, when the pair of refuse loaders realise that ‘one man’s trash is another woman’s treasure’, an amazing trove of wondrous tales recycle their way out of the rubbish.  

Rhubarb Theatre, known for their imaginative styles of storytelling, perform their latest bin-full of fantasy for all the family. Prepare for joy and sadness, laughter and tears & surprises around every corner. Dustbin Doris is waste-deep in theatrical play, puppetry, mask, dance, song and lots of laughter.