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Evolution Festival
The Bill Cashmore Award and Lyric Hammersmith Theatre present


by Chanel Fernandes and co-created with Kane Feagan. Directed by Emily Ling Williams
21 - 24 Mar 2023
Running time
60 minutes

Headlining this year’s Evolution Festival is the Bill Cashmore Award-winning play Wasted, written by Chanel Fernandes and co-created with Kane Feagan.

Best mates Amber and Bella find themselves at the centre of a missing person’s case after their flat mate Jacob doesn’t come home after a night out. What ensues is a pulsating crime drama that lifts the lid on a justice system falling short to protect young women.

There’s a problem with university culture and this gripping new play dives head first into a waste-pit of victim blaming, misogyny, and a justice system in tatters. With sharp writing and gripping performances, Wasted is a must-see production for anyone interested in the lived experiences of young women in today’s world.

Content Warning: This production contains references to sexual and physical violence and sexism.

has been developed with generous support from The Bill Cashmore Award. Read about the Bill Cashmore Award here. 



Photography by Cordelia O’Driscoll