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Faceplant Theatre presents

In the Dead of the Night

03 Feb 2024
Running time
55 minutes

"It's a cold rainy night and a storm is outside,
Rain beats on the window by Lily's bedside.
She's scared of the dark so she shuts her eyes tight,
She hates nothing more than the dead of the night.
Tap tap tap
Comes the noise from the hallway..."

The story follows Lily, a young girl whose wild imagination conjures up fantastical monsters from the strange noises she hears in the middle of the night. Faceplant Theatre’s adaptation brings to life McBain’s spooky and heartfelt story through original songs, puppetry, and a dash of silliness.

McBain’s book has sold internationally in Australia, Korea, Turkey, and is a core title in Waterstones Children’s Books Range here in the UK.