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Sancho & Me – For one night only

Written by Paterson Joseph. Co-directed by Paterson Joseph and Michael Vale
22 - 23 Feb 2024
From £12
Running time
120 minutes

Charles Ignatius Sancho was born on a slave ship on the Atlantic Ocean in 1729, yet he became a writer, composer, shopkeeper and respected ‘man of letters’ in 18th century London becoming the first man of African Heritage to vote in Britain.

This is the extraordinary story of an unlikely hero, brought to life by actor and author Paterson Joseph, who performs an enthralling account of one man’s remarkable life. Part-biography and part-dramatized readings from Paterson’s acclaimed novel ‘The Secret Diaries of Charles Ignatius Sancho’, Sancho & Me is an unmissable evening of storytelling with themes intersecting with Paterson’s own story of being Black and British.  This is a vital story connecting a Black Life in the transatlantic world from nearly three hundred years ago with a modern-day Black Life in today’s UK.

Sancho’s music features during the piece and is arranged by the Musical Director Ben Park who joins Paterson on stage.

Paterson Joseph’s novel ‘The Secret Diaries of Charles Ignatius Sancho’ won the RSL Christopher Bland Prize and The Historical Writer’s Association Debut Novel Prize in 2023. Paterson most recently starred in the film Wonka and the BBC hit series Boat Story.

The team also comprises Co-Director and Designer, Michael Vale and Costumier Linda Haysman.

Content warning: Sancho & Me explores ideas of belonging, language, education, slavery, commerce, violence, threat, politics, music and love.