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Really Big Pants Theatre Company presents


by Joe Bromley and Willow Nash.
12 Feb 2022
Running time
50 minutes
Lyric Hammersmith Theatre

Whilst searching for hidden treasure, a famously selfish pirate captain has left a once beautiful tropical island littered with rubbish and its inhabitants struggling to survive.

It’s up to Maggie and Roy to save it.  The trouble is… they’re REALLY not friends.  Teleported from their school trip at a maritime museum into the centre of a swashbuckling adventure in the Amazon, will they learn to work together, win the race to find the legendary gold – and restore the place to its natural glory?

Can YOU help us defeat this dastardly litterbug pirate…?

And come dressed as a fearsome member of his crew if ye dare!  Arrrrrrr!


12 Feb 2022