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Fairytales Gone Bad: Grannylocks / The Monstrous Duckling

20 Jan 2018

Unwinding the true stories behind the happily ever afters.

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Snow White: The Return of the Little Things

27 Jan 2018

Far away a curiously mechanical kingdom is ruled by The Queen Who Never Smiles.

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The Pixies’ Scarf

03 Feb 2018

A magical treat set in the wild lands of Dartmoor.

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Love Green Event

The Research Behind Blue Planet

09 Feb 2018

Meet the academics who provided the research for David Attenborough's Blue Planet.

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The Star Seekers

10 Feb 2018

What do astronauts really have for dinner?

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February Half Term

Hare & Tortoise

13 ‐ 17 Feb 2018

Who’s the fastest; who’s the best? Who will finally win the race?

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Yana and the Yeti

24 Feb 2018

Friends can come in the most unexpected shapes and sizes.

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Christopher’s Caterpillars

03 Mar 2018

A bright and beautiful tale of minibeasts and mystery! 

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Red Riding Hood and the Wolf

10 Mar 2018

What if the Big Bad Wolf wasn’t big or bad at all? What if they got it wrong?

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Grandad’s Island

17 Mar 2018

A heart-warming adventure filled with songs, laughter and jungles.

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A Tiger’s Tale

24 Mar 2018

The unbelievable true story of a family of acrobats and their adopted tiger cub.

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Visiting Company

Young Harts Writing Festival 2018

06 ‐ 07 Apr 2018

Young Writers Vs Professional Writers

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14 Apr 2018

The touching story of a boy meeting his disabled sister for the first time.

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To the Moon

21 Apr 2018

Join a princess like no other as she embarks on the biggest journey of her life – to the Moon!

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Me and My Bee

28 Apr 2018

Climate change is massive. Bees Aren’t.

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The Tin Foil Astronaut

05 May 2018

A story of discovery, individuality and a celebration of differences.

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Tom Thumb

12 May 2018

Mini but mighty tiny Tom saves his brothers from mum, dad and the ogre.

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Oskar’s Amazing Adventure

19 May 2018

Why does Oskar have to wait till spring to play his favourite game again?

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The Owl and the Pussycat

26 May 2018

A story inspired by the nonsense world of Edward Lear.

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May Half Term

The Gingerbread Man

29 May ‐ 02 Jun 2018

Meet the bravest biscuit of all time!

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