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The Very Hungry Caterpillar Show

16 Aug - 04 Sep 2022

Four timeless stories brought to life in one delightful show.

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Professor Slug’s House of Bugs

17 Sep 2022

Professor Slug's House of Bugs is a show all about bugs. Professor Slug is an eccentric expert on invertebrates who helps bugs out with their buggy problems - and you can too!

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Hulla Balloony Moon Time

24 Sep 2022

Are you ready? Grab a spoon! Because it's Pat-a-cake time!

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Sunflowers and Sheds

01 Oct 2022

An unlikely friendship grows down on the allotment.

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The Nosy Little Troll

08 Oct 2022

Deep in the heart of the Norwegian Forest live the trolls – big trolls, tiny trolls and a Nosy Little Troll who has an amazingly sensitive nose…

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Rapunzel and the Tower of Doom

15 Oct 2022

Tangles? Split ends? Frizzy? Flyaway?

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The Story Game

22 Oct 2022

Andrew Barnett Jones has made up stories for loads of top TV shows including The Amazing World of Gumball, Mr Bean: The Animated Series, Dick’n’Dom’s Diddy Movies and Diddy TV, Dennis the Menace and Gnasher, Shaun the Sheep, The 4 O’Clock Club and The Slammer.

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Grandad Anansi

25 - 29 Oct 2022

An uplifting tale of love, courage and letting go.

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A Square World

05 Nov 2022

A Square World is a story of friends who enjoy the same routine day after day, each day is the same until an unexpected change is forced upon just one of them.

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There’s a Rang-Tan in My Bedroom

12 Nov 2022

Imagine waking up to find a turtle bathing in your bathtub, an orangutan bouncing on your bed and a jaguar creeping through your kitchen!

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Christmas 2022

Raymond Briggs’ Father Christmas

23 Nov - 31 Dec 2022

Join Santa as he awakes from a dream of sun, sea and sand only to find it is the busiest day of the year: Christmas Eve.

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