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The Beauty Queen of Leenane

09 Oct - 06 Nov

Sometimes I dream… of anything! Of anything. Other than this.

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Panto 2021


19 Nov 2021 - 02 Jan 2022

This Christmas, all of your wishes shall be granted and you'll be sat with your loved ones singing 'Glory, Glory, Hammersmith' once again.

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Lyric Partner

Amici’s One World: Wealth of the Common People

29 Jun - 02 Jul

Amici Dance Theatre Company celebrate their 40th anniversary with a full-company production involving over 80 disabled and non-disabled performers

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2022 Season

Running With Lions

10 Feb - 12 Mar

Following the death of a loved one, a British-Caribbean family struggles to come to terms with their grief.

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2022 Season


07 Apr - 14 May

'Dear Miss Tweetwell, the ladder is where I live. For at the top lies reputation and wealth and at the bottom: ignominy and squalor.'

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2022 Season


26 May - 25 Jun

Power and succession are in the very bones of Rome.

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2022 Season


14 Jul - 13 Aug

In the chaos of London; four strangers meet, fall in love and fall apart as desire turns to heartbreak.

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2022 Season


29 Sep - 29 Oct

‘I want this life and more. I want to see you, lady of the house, presiding yourself like Queen Nefertiti, over all of them.’

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