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M6 Theatre Company presents

Sunflowers and Sheds

From the creators of Pebble on the Beach.
01 Oct 2022
Running time
50 minutes

An unlikely friendship grows down on the allotment.

With Frank’s family so far away, he passes the time on his beloved allotment. When the plot next door becomes vacant, he really looks forward to meeting his new neighbour. Until she arrives that is!

Isabella and her cheeky chickens soon disrupt Frank’s peaceful routine. Things come to a head when Frank discovers Isabella in his shed, but he misunderstands the reason why.

Staged on lovingly recreated life-size allotments, this charming tale about a lonely old man and an Eastern European girl helps us discover that, with the breaking down of barriers, friendship can grow in the most unlikely conditions.

Sunflowers and Sheds

01 Oct 2022