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Meet the people who make it all happen


Rachel O'Riordan Artistic Director
Amy Belson Executive Director
Patrick Hughes Executive Assistant


Tinuke Craig Artistic Associate
Good Teeth Artistic Associate
Tanika Gupta Artistic Associate
Phillip McMahon Artistic Associate
Nina Steiger Artistic Associate

Artistic Team

Nicholai La Barrie Associate Director
Liz Daramola Literary Associate
Alex Hurst Resident Assistant Director, Birkbeck placement
Kwame Owusu Resident Assistant Director, Birkbeck placement


Iain Goosey Senior Producer
Kate Baiden Producer

Young Lyric

Rob Lehmann Director of Young Lyric
Jessica Drader Producer (Education)
Adrian Gardner Producer (Inclusion & Outreach)
Charlie Farrant Youth Worker (Support & Development)
Jernade Miah Young Lyric Co-ordinator
Kristina Nilles PHD Researcher
Charlie Bindels Maternity Cover Education (Producer)
Samuel Adebayo Young Lyric Host
Hannah Desai Young Lyric Host
Priyanka Patel Young Lyric Host
Sam Thompson Young Lyric Host
Sammy J Glover START Associate Director
Alessandra Davison START Associate Director

Communications and Sales

Alix Eliard Interim Director of Communications & Sales
Sophie Blacklaw Marketing Manager
Su-Ann Chow-Seegoolam PR & Media Manager
Will Warnock Box Office Supervisor
Louisa Heads McCann Marketing Officer
Leonie Haynes-Moses Box Office Assistant
Samara Gannon Box Office Assistant
Samuel Adebayo Box Office Assistant
Ellie Bibby Box Office Assistant
Eibe Brown Box Office Assistant
Aaron Kelly Box Office Assistant
Charlotte Kiely Box Office Assistant
Talia Kracauer Box Office Assistant
Farshid Rokey Box Office Assistant
Zoe Watson Box Office Assistant
James Douglas-Quarcoopome Box Office Assistant


Paul Gallagher Commercial Director
Luke Vogel Visitor Services Manager
Mario Maric Bars & Catering Manager
Gervaise Loraine Assistant Bar Manager
Vicente Dmello Chef de Partie
Stephanie Dawes Senior Duty Manager
Sophia Capasso Duty Manager
Darcy Gresley Duty Manager
Coral Tarran Duty Manager
Ashley Quagraine-Mcvay Visitor Services Assistant Trainee
Jasmin Peters Bar Supervisor
Abbie Rai Bar Staff
Anthony Underwood Bar Staff
Camille Allan Bar Staff
Charlotte Gilbride Bar Staff
Charlotte Touboulic Bar Staff
Georgia Brown Bar Staff
Pia Rose Scattergood Bar Staff
Joe Grundy Bar Staff
Abbie Benford Bar Staff
Alexandra Donnachie Bar Staff
Emily Goodwin Bar Staff
Nicole Farrar Bar Staff
Rosie Lewis Bar Staff
Viktor Velkovski Bar Staff


Nathalie Bristow Director of Development
Georgia Evans Development Assistant

Finance, Administration and Operations

Ivan Rockey Director of Finance & Resources
Chrissy Angus Head of Administration & HR
Lesley Williams Head of Finance
Kunle Sanni Finance Officer
Jean-Baptiste Maizeroi Security Supervisor
Jonathan Fonseca Building & Facilities Manager
Simon Jenkins Facilities Assistant


Seamus Benson Head of Production
Claire Bryan Company Stage Manager
Ellen McQuaid Head of Costume
Shaun Parry Head of Lighting
Lorna Munden Head of Sound and Video
Elizabeth Dickson Head of Stage
George Ogilvie Studio and Events Technical Manager
Jason Yu Sound Deputy
Belen Regis Wardrobe Assistant Trainee

Visitor Services Assistants

Alex Hurst Visitor Services Assistant
Marky Noble Visitor Services Assistant
Lucie Lutte Visitor Services Assistant
Lana Lewis Visitor Services Assistant
Lewis Francis Visitor Services Assistant
Julia Salifa Visitor Services Assistant
James Evans Jones Visitor Services Assistant
Izzy Dunn Visitor Services Assistant
Emer Halton-O'Mahony Visitor Services Assistant
Beth Lee Visitor Services Assistant
Angel Issaac Visitor Services Assistant
Chante Faucher Visitor Services Assistant
Charlotte Medhurst Visitor Services Assistant
Chris Coleman Visitor Services Assistant
Ed Phillips Visitor Services Assistant
Ellie Bibby Visitor Services Assistant
Emma Price Visitor Services Assistant
Henry Nott Visitor Service Assistant
Isabella Joan Visitor Service Assistant
Jamie Musora Visitor Service Assistant
Kai Walton Visitor Service Assistant
Luke Kebell Visitor Service Assistant
Matt Cowan Visitor Services Assistant
Marcus Omoro Visitor Services Assistant
Millie Beazely Visitor Services Assistant
Nadine Gray Visitor Service Assistant
Robert Eadon Visitor Services Assistant
Wes Bozonga Visitor Services Assistant
Zoe Watson Visitor Services Assistant
Tom Fotheringham Visitor Services Assistant
The Lyric is a registered charity with a voluntary board of directors.


Lisa Burger Chair
Rondette Amoy Smith
Cllr Jonathan Caleb-Landy
Lameya Chaudhury
Cllr. Sue Fennimore
David Greig
Farah Karim-Cooper
Cllr Bora Kwon
Kamran Mallick
Liz Elston Mayhew
Julie Molloy
Cllr Patricia Quigley
Derek Richards
David Sharkey

Development Committee

Cathy Comerford
Lynn Cosgrave
Janet Ellis MBE
Jane Fletcher
Misty Gale
Allison Gaynor
Juliet Herd
Joanna Kennedy
Georgina Lewis
Sali Lewis
Liz Elston Mayhew Chair
Kate McGrath
Emma O'Kane
Liz Rigden