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Ghost Stories Cast Q&A: Richard Sutton

We managed to steal a few minutes to chat to Richard Sutton to find out a bit more about what's it's like playing Mike Priddle in Ghost Stories... 

How does performing in Ghost Stories compare to other shows you have performed in?

Technically it’s exhausting. Every light has to be hit correctly for maximum effect and the rhythm of the piece has to be bang on to get the best scare. It’s also great having the input of the original creative team: Sean, Andy and Jeremy. They bring with them a decade of experience of playing the jumps and frights.

In three words, how would you describe Ghost Stories?

Pant wettingly scary.

Do you believe in ghosts?

I didn’t until rehearsals started. Now I’m seeing faces in curtains, hearing creaks in the night and have to check under my bed before going to sleep. (No ghosts but a lot of dust!).

Have you ever had a paranormal experience?

I haven’t personally. But my partner is convinced that she once saw a table flip itself over in the front room of a house.

Out of the cast and creative team – who is the most jumpy?

Everyone seems to be holding their nerve pretty well so far. Especially considering that the show, at certain points, is absolutely horrifically scary. I mean just heart stopping. The screams coming from the audience are deafening. I hope the Lyric are going to offer free counselling to the hundreds of insomniacs it’s creating every night.


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Ghost Stories is here until 11 May, click here to find out more and book now.