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Meet the Father Christmas Company – Father Christmas

For our  production of Raymond Briggs’ Father Christmas we worked with some amazing freelance artists who brought the story to life so we could stream it online.

And we couldn’t not speak to Father Christmas!


1) ​How does Father Christmas take time out of his busy schedule to perform this show?

Well, I have a bloomin’ great team of helpers who are more than able to carry on the work whilst I’m doing the show. Cat and Dog make sure everyone is doing their job and send me regular updates so I know who is on the good or naughty list.


2) What elements will be different this year doing the show to cameras rather than a live audience?

Not having an audience, we’re going to miss the gasps and chattering of the children as the show unveils its magic. It won’t stop Cat or Dog causing mischief though  and it won’t stop me delivering presents all over the bloomin’ world! However, everyone can watch us from the comfort of their own home this year and get even closer than usual.


3) ​How is prep for filming going?

Really well, there’s a bloomin’ great bunch working on the show in all depts. Rehearsals are very intense with a such a short lead time but they are great fun and we’re laughing every day. It a joy to be back onstage!


4) Without giving away too much – what is the most magical moment in the show?

There are two moments that stand out for me, the moment the children realise I am Father Christmas as I put my work clothes on and then the moment me and the reindeer take off to visit all the children over the world. I get goose bumps every single time.


5) What’s your favourite thing about Christmas at the Lyric?

It’s like spending time with your extended family, seeing old friends again and having a fantastic time spreading festive joy to the world.


6) What’s your favourite snack to eat on Christmas eve?

Well there’s nothing better than a nice mince pie washed down with a glug of brandy… I’m not too keen on a glass of milk…


7) What do you want for Christmas?

Easy, I want everyone to be safe and well and to take time to focus on the good things. We’ve had a pretty shocking year and times have been hard but one smile can change your day. Be kind to each other and always offer a helping hand to those in need.


8) What’s your favourite Christmas song?

Sleigh Ride, me and the reindeer hum the tune all the time on our road trip!


Book your ticket to see Raymond Briggs’ Father Christmas here