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Seventeen Rehearsal Blog: Tech week! 

Assistant Director Paloma Oakenfold on Seventeen Rehearsals
Blog #4

It was a whirligig of days spent without daylight, too many doughnuts, scenes on repeat, line runs and of course, the constant reminder to ‘not-forget-about-the-people-in-the-gods… Eyes up everybody!’

It is a relatively straightforward technical show, the play itself simply follows one evening, turning into the dead of night and then eventually breaks into dawn. But this week it’s been great to see the design elements intertwine with the play.

On Wednesday I sat in the stalls and was blown away by the lighting – designed by the radiant Paule Constable (excuse the pun).

For example when the gang dance to a Calvin Harris track, a song I’ve guiltily grown to love, the stage gets darker and the limited source of light, seems to emanate from the cast themselves, making their group feel even more intimate. It’s almost as if the joy and freedom from the release of the dancing, is literally making them shine.

And the dawn scene…Oh don’t get me started on the dawn scene. To me it encapsulates what I love about this play; That with hope, you can have a youthful spirit at any age. There’s so much more I could say about the lighting, the set, the depths this play has gone to AND the incredible work of the crew this week…But I must bring this rehearsal blog to an end.

Throughout these rehearsal weeks Annie-Lou (the director) has been a trooper! She has taught me so much about what it takes to be a strong leader.

I think the word ambition has become a negative word, especially as a female, you immediately think of Lady Macbeth or Margaret Thatcher. But she has inspired me to try to reclaim it – it shows passion, dedication and a striving for excellence.

Annie-Lou has been whole heartedly ambitious throughout this: striving for the best show, the best performances, the best ensemble and the best process we as a company can possibly give.

It’s been a joy. Viva Seventeen!

I hope you all enjoy watching it as much as we enjoyed making it.

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