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Lyric life

Free post-show talks on themes of Out West with Pudding and Inc Arts

If you are interested in discussing the themes of Out West further with others, please consider joining us for a casual post-show conversation to share your ideas, reflections and reactions from the show – or to listen to what others have to share. These will be held after the evening performance on Friday 23 July and after the matinee performance on Saturday 24 July. This is a free event run by Pudding in partnership with Inc Arts. Please note that due to COVID rules, places need to be booked in advance. You can do this via the show page here. Please note you can only book for these discussions if you are also booking to see Out West at one of those performances.

Following the recent tragic events of summer 2020 we have refocused our ethos to make constant and sustained efforts to combat racism and further become an inclusive and diverse workplace and organisation that actively engages in anti-racism work in all areas of our organisation, on and off stage. As part of this ongoing work, we have teamed up with Inc Arts, a national collective that champions the UK’s ethnically diverse arts sector workforce, by signing up to Unlock and working with them on their Act Against Racism campaign.

This campaign celebrates a long needed change  to take positive anti-racist action in our cultural and creative spaces and change the way our industry works, amplifying organisations’ commitment to this and introducing new practices that further this objective. Unlock is the UK’s first cross-sector interactive tool for measuring anti-racist progress in the creative and cultural sector, helping to bring anti-racist commitments to life in arts workplaces.

We have also teamed up with Pudding, who help audiences to digest what they’ve seen on stage. Out West engages with topics around race, identity and belonging.  The post show talks with Pudding and Inc Arts are open to all audience members to share their thoughts and feelings openly and candidly in a relaxed setting – and include pudding! We hope you will consider joining these important talks and keep the conversation going.